Parents & Family

In Melbourne there are currently three options available for parents and friends of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer or questioning their sexuality.

PFLAG Victoria
(03) 9865-6739

Formed in 1993, PFLAG Victoria is a local chapter of the global PFLAG organisation that offers a vital service to “Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays”.

We are parents of lesbians and gays who provide support for other parents, families and friends.  We aim to help them cope when a gay or lesbian child initially comes out to them. We are also there to support the gay children themselves.  PFLAG is not affiliated with any political or religious groups and receives no Government funding.

Read more about PFLAG Victoria here.

Keshet Parents
0467 508 868

If you have a child who is gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex or questioning their sexual orientation and if you would like to talk with other parents of GLBTI children, then Keshet parents welcomes you into our community.

Our main goal is to provide a safe place to discuss some of the particular issues that we as Jewish parents often encounter upon the discovery of our child’s sexual orientation.

Our first meeting took place in July 2012 and in a relaxed and confidential environment, parents felt free to express their hopes, dreams and concerns for their children. We represent all spectrums of the community and although we have different stories, it was wonderful to be able to share and connect.

Parents affirmed the importance of addressing some of their questions within a Jewish context, especially because in our Jewish world, naches is generally associated with heterosexual relationships, marriage and grandchildren. Recognizing that we live in a world that is increasingly moving towards a legal recognition of same-sex relationships and alternative family structures, many Jewish parents nevertheless continue to feel anxious for their children and themselves.

We welcome parents who feel that they need support and we also welcome parents who would like to offer their support.

Our meetings take place on the first Sunday of every second month. Join us at our next meeting for an informal chat over kosher refreshments and coffee.


Supporting Transgender Children and their Families.