HIV/AIDS Project

Aleph Melbourne is collecting stories from Jewish Australia relating to people who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS.  We want to bring the issue of HIV/AIDS to the fore, to help remove stigma and taboo, and to provide a safe way for the Jewish community to talk about it.

We’d like to hear from people living with HIV/AIDS, stories of those who lost someone to the disease, carers, volunteers, health-care professionals, families, friends, co-workers, community leaders, students, etc.

You can contribute stories, poems, newspaper clippings, photographs, audio and video recordings, or anything else that can be put online.

Please make initial contact via the form below or via our contact page.

For more information about HIV/AIDS and ways to get support you can contact Thorne Harbour Health (formerly known as the Victorian AIDS Council), Living Positive Victoria, and the Positive Living Centre.

Lastly, remember that there’s no judgement on how a person contracted HIV.  Anyone can get HIV and anyone can transmit it.