Aleph Melbourne – Celebrating 20 Years – 1995 to 2015

The Aleph Melbourne documentary “Aleph Melbourne – Celebrating 20 Years – 1995 to 2015” is available on DVD directly from Aleph Melbourne.

The DVD contains the 9:54 documentary plus a range of archival content extras including radio and TV interviews.

Preview the documentary here:

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Aleph Melbourne was founded in 1995 as a social and support group for gay Jewish men. Over the next 20 years this tiny organisation would have a huge impact on the Jewish community in Victoria.

Come on a roller-coaster ride and look back on the achievements and set-backs faced by this amazing group that has transformed the level of acceptance of LGBTIQ people in one of Australia’s biggest Jewish communities.

Includes interviews with key members and friends of the group, radio and TV interviews, and a fascinating collection of media and other nostalgic items.

The story is beautifully woven together with the music of Melbourne Klezmer band Klezmania.

A unique view of one of Australia’s most interesting and diverse communities.