‘Melting Away’ at AICE Israeli Film Festival 2012

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MELTING AWAY| Namess Ba’Geshem (18+)

Festival Dates: 15 August, 2012 – 9 September, 2012
Participating Cinemas: Palace Nova Eastend, Palace Centro, Palace Cinema Como, Palace Verona, Palace Brighton Bay

Drama, Israel/Canada 2011 (86 mins)

Hebrew with English subtitles

Director: Doron Eran
Starring: Chen Yanni, Limor Goldstein, Ami Weinberg
Festivals: Tel Aviv, Montpelier, Nouveau Cinema Canada, Boston
Awards: Breakthrough Performance (Tel Aviv): Festival Award (IMAJ Festival, Belgium): Audience Award (Athens OutView)

The discovery of women’s clothing in his son’s bedroom is too much for Shlomo. With the silent consent of wife Gallia, Assaf is banished from the family home.

Four years later, with no word from Assaf since that fateful night, Gallia hires a private detective to find their son – Shlomo is dying from cancer. But instead of Assaf living somewhere in Australia, the detective finds Anna, the beautiful transgendered singer at a Tel Aviv nightclub.

Just a few days later, a private nurse paid for by the health insurance company arrives at the hospital bedside of Shlomo. Nurse Anna soon conquers the heart of her patient with her charming personality and attitude.

Melting Awayis the first Israeli film to deal with transgender. Conceived in reaction to the deadly attack on the Tel Aviv LGBT Youth Centre and shock of parents refusing to visit their injured children at the hospital, Melting Away is a heartfelt and moving drama of family, love and understanding.

“The must-see feature film.”
Philadelphia City Paper

“A surprising and moving drama of love, tolerance, family and forgiveness.’
Couch Assassin (Canada)

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