The Yes Alliance: Multicultural Australians for Marriage Equality


Multicultural Australians for Marriage Equality

Australia has an enviable record of fostering a diverse, open and welcoming society.

Together, we have built a place where people from every corner of the world can live and work side by side – a place where everyone can belong.

The YES Alliance is a group of Australians from faith and culturally diverse communities – that will be supporting a YES vote in the marriage equality postal survey.

Australians from migrant and faith backgrounds have often faced discrimination and
harassment based on race, skin colour, language, religious beliefs or cultural heritage.

LGBTI people are also in our communities, they are our friends and family members, and they can face discrimination on multiple fronts.

It’s never been more important for our communities to stand up for a more tolerant and
open society. A society that has equal rights for everyone. The postal survey will be an
opportunity to do that. That is why we must reaffirm our society’s shared values of –
freedom, fairness, equality before the law, respect for all and that discrimination is never acceptable – values that have shaped our success, and will underpin our future prosperity.

These are the values that unify us as a peaceful and prosperous society with a shared sense of belonging, respect, acceptance and contribution.

As the survey rolls out, we will engage with Australia’s multicultural and multifaith
communities and have difficult but important conversations about:

✓ why a YES vote is about equal rights
✓ why a YES vote is not a hindrance to religious freedoms or free speech
✓ why a YES vote will protect religious freedoms
✓ why a YES vote is about removing discrimination for all

We, the undersigned, pledge our support for marriage equality and to work with
multicultural and multifaith people to achieve a society where everyone is equal before the law.

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[PDF: The YES Alliance Joint Statement 20092017]

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