Candidate statement: Alice Le Huray  – Animal Justice Party for Prahran

Animal Justice Party

The following political statement has been supplied by Alice Le Huray who is running as a candidate for Prahran District in the 2022 Victorian State Government election.

Aleph Melbourne will endorse all political candidates who unconditionally support equal rights for LGBTIQ+ Jews and whose values align with ours.

Kindness, equality, rationality, and non-violence are the core values of the Animal Justice Party.

The AJP has a proud history of supporting progressive human causes, and myself a candidate for Prahran am committed to:

  • Building an inclusive society with strong awareness of historical, systemic, and institutional privilege, disadvantage, and inequality
  • Advancing equality of opportunity for all in educational, work, recreational, housing, and administrative settings, and restitution measures for those affected by historical injustices
  • Protecting the human, political and socio-economic rights of all individuals
  • Prohibiting direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, vilification, and/or victimisation of anyone on the basis of any of the above attributes

Our current MP, Andy Meddick has been working tirelessly in parliament to create more LGBTQIA+ safe spaces in Victoria, particularly for the youth community in areas like Geelong and Ballarat.

Personally, I’m proud to be a part of St Kilda – home to the Victorian Pride Centre; the first of its kind in Australia. I strongly support LGBTQIA+ organisations and communities and encourage more safe and accessible places to support and celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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