Candidate statement: Kim Samiotis – Greens candidate for Albert Park

The following political statement has been supplied by Kim Samiotis who is running as a candidate for Albert Park District in the 2022 Victorian State Government election.

Aleph Melbourne will endorse all political candidates who unconditionally support equal rights for LGBTIQ+ Jews and whose values align with ours.

Kim Samiotis
Candidate for Albert Park

My name is Kim Samiotis (pronouns: she/her) and I’m The Greens candidate for Albert Park.

Thank you to Aleph and your community for the opportunity to make my commitment to LGBTIQA+ people in Melbourne’s Jewish community.

The LGBTIQA+ community has been my family since I was born. One of the longest, most stable and loving relationships in my life has been my aunts’ who finally married this year after celebrating their 40th anniversary. I was a teenager when my Mum came out and I witnessed the incredible courage that the community must summon to define their identity in our community. For me, these relationships have always been so normal and healthy and I will always fight for recognition, support and inclusion for queer and gender-diverse people. Who we love, how we identify and the shape of our physical form do not define the goodness of a person.

I am proud to be a member of the Victorian Greens, a party that has always stood with the LGBTIQA+ community across our state. We have fought hard for equal rights and safety for all and I remain committed to continuing the journey towards true equality alongside my LGBTIQA+ colleagues, friends and family.

To begin the next steps of this advocacy, The Victorian Greens have launched our Rainbow State Action Plan to further strengthen our equal opportunity and anti-vilification laws. We will make vilification and public harassment a crime to better protect marginalised Victorians from all minorities and to support victims of hate crimes.

We’ve included a Rainbow State Fund of $200 million over the next term for community-controlled organisations to facilitate their focus on key areas of need such as mental health, youth services, homelessness and sexual health.

We will work to ban deferrable medical interventions on intersex children and continue to work with the LGBTIQA+ community to identify the next essential areas for reform, including adoption, assisted reproductive treatment and surrogacy, to make sure that our laws protect everyone. 33% of LGBTIQA+ people report experiencing anxiety in the last 12 months and 57% report experiencing high distress in the last 4 weeks. Community connection and dependable support can aid these people when they’re most in need.

You can read more about the details and funding for our Rainbow State Action Plan here:

We are all more alike than those who peddle fear and hate would allow us to believe. Everyone deserves to feel safe from discrimination in their daily lives and to be able to access support and services that meet their needs.

To Aleph members, the Jewish community, and LGBTIQA+ communities across Victoria, The Greens stand with you and I will work tirelessly to represent you in parliament if elected to represent Albert Park at this coming election. No matter what, I will always be by your side, marching, speaking and advocating on your behalf with the love and care that I feel for my own family.

Thank you, Aleph, for your support and may your community advocacy continue with great success.

Kim Samiotis
Greens Candidate for Albert Park



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