Ilan Kidron supports Marriage Equality

Lead singer of The Potbelleez, Ilan Kidron, has declared his support for marriage equality: “I believe that everybody should be able to make the same decisions about marriage. As long as same-sex couples are denied the right of marriage, their relationships will be considered second-rate and they and their families will be pushed aside. Not so long ago, the union of rich and poor, black and white, was outlawed. So why, when our society has come so far, do we still not let love be love? The Government must do the right thing and allow all Australian couples to enjoy equal opportunities under Federal law. We are a so-called free country. People are people. Love is love.”

Ilan Kidron
Ilan Kidron, lead singer of Potbelleez

Roy Freeman, founder of J4ME (the Jewish Community supporting Marriage Equality), welcomed Ilan’s support. “It’s great to see high-profile members of the Jewish community showing their support for marriage equality. Many people only hear the one-sided views of a small number of Orthodox Rabbis who continue to deride homosexuality. Thankfully those Rabbis are a small (but vocal) minority. The majority of our community supports civil rights, including marriage equality for same-sex couples.”

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