The Aguda – Happy Tu Bishvat – Join Pride Forest

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Subject: Happy Tu Bishvat- Join Pride Forest

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Happy Tu Bishvat- Join Pride Forest

Leave Your Fingerprint in the Pride forest in the land of Israel.You, too, can be part of this inspiring tradition!

We would love you to join us planting a tree with Your Own Hands here in Israel

If you are unable to plant a tree with your own hands, The Aguda will be happy to plant a tree for you. We will send you a tree-planting certificate with your requested inscription.
This project is unique amongst Pride Manifestation efforts. Trees in Israel pride forest have been lovingly planted by people from all corners of the world to honor or commemorate Pride and stance for anti-homophobia.

Thus, our forest is a living legacy dedicated to all Jewish LGBT communities throughout the world. 
We welcome you to participate by going to this link:

Pride Forest

Happy Tu Bishvat,

The Aguda

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