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24 Aug 2012
The Australian Jewish News Melbourne edition

Jewish lesbian group educates the masses

IN celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Jewish Lesbian Group of Victoria (JLGV) is creating a documentary about the life and times of the lesbian Jewish community.

The film will elucidate the group’s groundbreaking achievements in raising awareness for Jewish lesbians in Victoria.

A five-minute trailer – called It’s Who We Are – was put together by the production company Making of Movies, and has been posted online, to fundraise for the making of the documentary in full.

The trailer has already been added to the teaching resources at Deakin University’s School of Health and Social Development, where it will educate students about Jewish culture and cultural diversity.

Hinde Ena Burstin, a founding member of the JLGV, told The AJN that the group offered a “safe, respectful Jewish environment” for Jews struggling with the scourge of marginalisation and stigma, and she hopes the documentary will encourage tolerance.

“This has enabled disenfranchised Jewish women to reconnect with their heritage. At the same time, we insisted that the mainstream Jewish community becomes more inclusive of lesbians and gays. We have been extremely successful in this aim.

“Our achievements are many, but so too is the work that lies ahead. Our film can play a huge role in opening the closet doors wider.”

To make a donation to the documentary, visit:

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