Joint statement of LGBTIQ Inclusion

Ten faith based providers launched a joint statement of LGBTIQ Inclusion at Temple Beth Israel and are working with GLHV to achieve rainbow tick accreditation.

“Today ten faith based providers launched a joint statement of LGBTIQ Inclusion. Pictured is the statement with the signatures from the ten organisations at Temple Beth Israel. GLHV@ARCSHS manager of LGBTI family violence, Matthew Parsons, was present as all ten organisations are working with GLHV to achieve rainbow tick accreditation.” (August 30 2018)

JCCV Statement on Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite Result

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) is delighted that the same sex marriage plebiscite is now completed and that the people of Australia have shown that they are clearly in support of equality. We hope that Parliament moves quickly to pass legislation that reflects the outcome of the plebiscite and the spirit of the message inherent within in it – support for equal rights, empathy and respect. We expect that religious freedoms will be protected, and equally that current protections against discrimination and intolerance are not watered down.

President of the JCCV, Jennifer Huppert stated, “We are concerned that the LGBTIQ members of our community and their families may face mental health concerns over the coming weeks, as the proposed same sex marriage Bills are debated. We again call for all debate to be respectful, and that anyone with or seeing others facing mental health challenges seek expert advice or support, such as through the LGBTI Switchboard, Beyond Blue, Headspace or Jewish Care Victoria. Service options and contact details can be found in the JCCV LGBTI Service Directory.”

Best regards,

David Marlow
Executive Director | Jewish Community Council of Victoria

City of Glen Eira embraces LGBTIQ inclusion in its care for older adults

Aleph Melbourne congratulates the City of Glen Eira for embracing same-sex attracted, intersex, and gender diverse (SSA/I/GD) people in its Positive Ageing Strategy 2015-2020 [PDF].

In July 2015 Aleph Melbourne responded to a call for feedback on the draft strategy, which at that time had no inclusive language on SSA/I/GD issues.  Our submission, with valuable input from gerontologist Dr Jo Harrison, along with the endorsements of Jewish Care and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, offered a number of recommendations to the strategy.

Aleph Melbourne convenor Michael Barnett also met in person with council staff to discuss these recommendations and how they would benefit those SSA/I/GD people living in the City of Glen Eira.

The professionalism and sensitivity of the staff at Glen Eira was exemplary and every step of the way was heartening.

In addition to the council approving the strategy on March 15 2016 they simultaneously released their Older Adults Guide to Glen Eira [PDF].  This is a beautiful resource packed with helpful information.  It also contains a number of resources for SSA/I/GD people and a magnificent photo of a same-sex couple.

Thank you very much City of Glen Eira for providing support and giving a face to an historically neglected and previously invisible segment of your community.  This step forward is most deeply appreciated and will hopefully go a long way to improving the quality of life of these people and their families.

Jewish Care Financial Counselling

18 May 2012

Hi Aleph team,

I just wanted to write a quick note to introduce my service, lodge my support and to volunteer to assist with making Jewish Care services available to your members and supporters.

  • I have been the financial counsellor at Jewish Care since 2009 and I assist people with financial difficulties with the aim of helping people become independent and self-sufficient, at no cost. I’ve attached my latest report (provided to and approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria as part of a funding agreement) for your information.
  • I know that the GLBT community faces discrimination of all sorts – often from the Jewish community – and I wanted your members to know that they shouldn’t be reluctant to seek assistance from my program: there is a friendly face here.
  • I do have a waiting list, and my service is free, so I’m not touting for business – I just want to be of service and fulfil my responsibility to help where I can.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 8517 5977.


Ben Weinstock
Financial Counsellor
Jewish Care logo
Individual & Family Support
619 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004
Tel: 03 8517 5977