JCCV marks decade of “strong advocacy”


2009 – formation of the LGBT (at the time) Reference Group.

2011 – release of report into discrimination and vilification of LGBT Jews in Victoria.

2014 – JCCV supports and encourages affiliates to support No to Homophobia.

2014 – JCCV wins Hey Grant from the Victorian Government.

2015 – JCCV 1st ever LGBTI Symposium held with approximately 80 attendees with panels from the LGBTI Jewish spectrum. Attendees were cross-denominational.

2015 – Keshet Australia admitted to JCCV as an affiliate – the first Jewish LGBTI organisation affiliate.

2016 – Launched JCCV LGBTI service directory https://bit.ly/2mviycZ

2016 – Youth video winner announced form previous year’s completion.

2017 – Mental Health Forum in light of RCV’s statement to the government’s plebiscite

2017 – JCCV supports civil marriage equality with motion moved by National Council of Jewish Women and seconded by AUJS.

Doron Abramovici comment on JCCV LGBTI achievements - Jul 20 2018.png

“A decade of strong advocacy for LGBTI equality and inclusion! I am very proud to have volunteered for the JCCV for a decade and served on the board for almost 4 years. We have achieved great things together! #lgbti #lgbtiinclusion #mentalhealthmatters #socialinclusion #lgbtijews Big shout out to John Searle, Anton Block, Nina Bassat, Jennifer Huppert, Original Reference Group members Julie Leder, Nathan Rose, Andrew Rajcher, Sally Goldner, Immediate part Executive Director David Marlow and the community for welcoming change.” — Doron Abramovici

Accepting the Unacceptable | Galus Australis

Accepting the Unacceptable | Galus Australis.

Rainbow Report on Acceptance – Vilification in the Jewish Community

Tune in to JOY 94.9 in Melbourne or via live streaming on www.joy.org.au between midday and 1pm (UTC/GMT+10) on Friday August 5 2011 to hear Doug Pollard interview JCCV President John Searle.  Details below.


“Within religious communities I think it’s fair to say that we are for the most part in the early stages of that journey, except for a few enlightened souls like, for example, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. And the Jewish community here in Victoria is no exception. The President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, John Searle, joins us to talk about the latest steps toward acceptance his organisation is taking, with an inquiry into vilification, discrimination and mental health in the LGBTI Jewish community” (Call for Submissions)

JCCV calls for submissions on issues affecting GLBT people in Jewish community

The following advertisement appeared on page 4 of the Melbourne edition of the Australian Jewish News on Friday July 29 2011.

JCCV "GLBT Issues" Call for Submissions July 29 2011


The Jewish Community Council of Victoria established a GLBT (Gay,  Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender) Reference group to investigate issues surrounding vilification, discrimination and mental health concerns faced by members of Victoria’s Jewish GLBT community.

These are serious issues and to assist the JCCV in formulating its views it is now calling for relevant submissions.

It is expected that members of Victoria’s Jewish GLBT community will predominantly provide submissions.  However, submissions from other community members are welcome.  Submissions may detail relevant experiences, positive or negative in relation to matters of discrimination, vilification and/or mental health issues within the Jewish community or may raise other points of relevance.

We are particularly concerned about the impact which these issues may have upon suicide rates and submissions concerning this aspect are also sought.

Submissions may be particularised to address the following issues:

  • your personal experience of instances of vilification
  • your personal experience of episodes of discrimination
  • any impact that GLBT issues have had upon your mental health

Submissions will be received on an entirely confidential basis but will only be considered if they are accompanied by the author’s name and contact details.

Submissions should be sent to:

The President
306 Hawthorn Road
South Caulfield Victoria 3162

or alternatively via email to president@jccv.org.au

Submissions must be received by close of business on 31 August 2011.

Help is always available from the following:

Lifeline – 131 114
Gay & Lesbian Switchboard – 1800 184 527 / (03) 9663 2939
Jewish Care – 8517 5999 (business hours)