The LGBTQ+ experience in the Jewish community: Tolerance, acceptance or celebration | NSW JBD

The experience of LGBTQ+ members of the Sydney Jewish community has ranged from celebration to rejection. After the success of the marriage-equality vote in 2017, the movement for greater acceptance of LGBTQ+ people is growing. Yet a 2020 study showed that four out of five LGBTQ+ people felt worse than they did after the same-sex marriage vote. What further changes are needed?

This month’s NSW Jewish Board of Deputies plenum will feature a panel discussion moderated by Josh Kirsh, chair of the Board of Deputies LGBTQ+ Working Party.

The panellists will be: Dr Kerryn Phelps and Jackie Stricker-Phelps, both of whom campaigned for marriage equality, Jonathan David, president of the Jewish LGBTQ+ support group Dayenu, Danielle Meltzer, a transgender woman who grew up in Sydney, and Galit Taub, a graduate of Moriah College who aims to make religious Jewish spaces more inclusive for LGBTQ+ individuals. The plenum will be held both in person and online on Tuesday 16 March at 7:30pm.

JBOD plenum: More changes needed for the LGBTQ+ community? | J-Wire

“Acceptance and Inclusion Can Only Bring Gay Jews Closer” by Rich Dweck

“Acceptance and Inclusion Can Only Bring Gay Jews Closer” by Rich Dweck.

Rainbow Report on Acceptance – Vilification in the Jewish Community

Tune in to JOY 94.9 in Melbourne or via live streaming on between midday and 1pm (UTC/GMT+10) on Friday August 5 2011 to hear Doug Pollard interview JCCV President John Searle.  Details below.


“Within religious communities I think it’s fair to say that we are for the most part in the early stages of that journey, except for a few enlightened souls like, for example, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. And the Jewish community here in Victoria is no exception. The President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, John Searle, joins us to talk about the latest steps toward acceptance his organisation is taking, with an inquiry into vilification, discrimination and mental health in the LGBTI Jewish community” (Call for Submissions)